Coach Mentors

Coaching Mentors

What is mentoring? A partnership between mentor and mentee to assist our coaches to acquire new knowledge, feedback, ideas or advice. Mentoring should be developmental, driven by the mentee and

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FA Licensed Coaches Club

FA Licensed Coaches’ Club

  Basic membership of The FA Licensed Coaches’ Club is free of charge. Coaches must hold the necessary certifications (see below) to apply. Using your FA Number (FAN) and password

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Parent Spectators

13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent

Written By Dr. Alan Goldberg and reproduced from INTRODUCTION If you want your child to come out of his youth sports experience a winner (feeling good about himself and

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Coaching Kids

Developing Excellent Youth Coaches

Written By John Allpress, FA National Player Development Coach and reproduced from TheFA.Com Many comments or questions that I am asked by youth coaches are usually centred on problems they

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A Positive Voice

Written By Mike Antrobus, FA Skills Coach and reproduced from TheFA.Com Mike Antrobus, FA Tesco Skills Coach, emphasises the need for positive language when working with young players. At times

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The Correct Mindset To Learn

Written By Mike Antrobus, FA Skills Coach and reproduced from TheFA.Com When coaching youth players, there can be the risk of placing too much emphasis on teaching them technical skills,

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FA Youth Review

FA Youth Development Review

It’s time we let kids decide the way they should play On the 28th May(2012), The FA formally ratified some of the recommendations of the Youth Development Review. These amendments

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