The Role Of The Committee

The club is run by the Executive Committee which is comprised of mandatory roles of Club Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer and Chairman. The wider Management Committee of the club includes Club President, Honorary Vice Presidents, Development Committee Chairman, Chartermark Officer, Fixtures Secretary, Registration Secretary, Kit Manager, Web Site Manager, Newsletter Editor, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Officer, Volunteer Coordinator, Tournament Director, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Club Welfare Officer, Club Team Managers, Assistant Team Managers, Team Coaches (Club Licensed) and Team Administrators.

Club Secretary

The club secretary is one of the most important roles in any club. They are the person who deals with the finer details so everyone else is free to focus on playing football. The secretary is the main point of contact for the County FA, league, team managers and other clubs. The secretary is the person who oversees and carries out the football administration duties of their football club. It is a vital role in ensuring that your grassroots football club is able to play official league matches with registered players.

Club Secretary Stuart Mckay
07836 251306


The main job of the treasurer, is to understand and control the flow of money in and out of the club. The treasurer keeps up-to-date and accurate records of income and expenditure through the use of cloud-based accounting software and integrated bank feeds. The Income Statement and Balance Sheet are presented at the AGM.

Club Treasurer Stuart Mckay
07836 251306

Club Welfare Officer

Across grassroots football there is a network of around 8,500 Welfare Officers who support safe and fun environments for everyone. Your club’s welfare officer is concerned with putting safeguards into place for all activities. The whole committee are supporting these efforts but the Welfare Officer needs to ensure that all officials are clear about their own responsibilities.

Club Welfare Officer Sian Ramsden
07823 774675


As the ultimate leader of the club the chairman is a figurehead in the football and wider community, representing the club with integrity and vision. The chairman has to be able to inspire confidence in the leadership of the club, and be able to particularly lead the club committee on whose shoulders rest the vast bulk of the week to week club responsibilities. The chairman also needs to be a diplomat, able to resolve conflicts in the club and able to deal with any external issues as well.

Chairman Stuart Mckay
07836 251306

Other Club Officials

Club President Alan Wildsmith

Honorary Vice Presidents
Clive Fullard
Norman Hennah
Martin Killick
Geoff Butler

Paul Spooner
Andy Penfold
Graham Goddard
Stuart Smith

Vice -Chairman Paul Reynolds

Assistant Secretary Vacant

Assistant Treasurer Vacant

Assistant Club Welfare Officer Vacant

Coach Mentor Jason Springle

Coach Mentor Colin Baldwin

Coach Mentor Gordon Morrison

Registration Secretary Stuart Mckay + Age Group Co-Ordinators

Chartermark Officer Stuart Mckay

Website Manager Stuart Mckay with help from Graham Goddard

Newsletter Editor Vacant

Kit Manager Vacant

Fixtures Secretary Louise Roberts

Tournament Organiser Mark Degiovanni

Social Media Manager Kirstine Springle

Public Relations Officer Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator Vacant

Development Committee Chairman Vacant

Covid-19 Officer Mark Degiovanni

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