Team Training Schedule 2021/22

Team / Age GroupDayTime#TeamsSlotsVenue
Mini Kickers (Reception and Year 1)Sat9-10.00amHolly Lodge
Under 7s (Year 2)Fri6-7.00pm51/2 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 8s (Year 3)Fri6-7.00pm41/2 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 9s (Year 4)Fri6-7.00pm43/4 PitchAsh Manor 3G
Under 10s (Year 5)Thu7-8.00pm41/2 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 11s (Year 6)Wed6-8.00pm31/4 PitchAsh Manor 3G
Under 11s (Year 6)Thu7-8.00pm21/4 PitchAsh Manor 3G
FFA (Disability/SEN)Thu6-7.00pm21/2 PitchTomlinscote 3G
Under 12 Eagles (Year 7)
Under 12 Falcons (Year 7)
Under 12 Kestrels (Year 7)
Fri7-8.00pm3Full PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 13 Kestrels (Year 8)Mon7-8.00pm11/4 PitchTomlinscote 3G
Under 14 Eagles (Year 9)Wed6-7.00pm11/4 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 14 Kestrels (Year 9)Wed6-7.00pm11/4 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G
Under 15 Falcons (Year 10)Wed8-9.00pm11/4 PitchAsh Manor 3G
Under 15 Kestrels (Year 10)Thu8-9.00pm11/4 PitchAsh Manor 3G
Mytchett Athletic Seniors FirstThu9-10.00pm11/4 PitchFrimley Lodge 3G

2021 dates are Monday 6th September 2021 – Friday 17th December 2021

2022 dates are Monday 10th January 2022 – Friday 1st April 2022


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